Chengdu, China: 19-24 February 2012

EU-China Youth Policy Dialogue on Urbanisation, Social Policies and EU-China Relations

Date: 19-24 February 2012
Chengdu, China

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The EU-China Youth Policy Dialogue on Urbanisation, Social Policies and EU-China Relations, took place during a 4-day workshop in Chengdu, China. The workshops were followed by a public seminar, presenting the results and the outcome of the discussions to the wider public, including the presentation of a set of policy recommendations for policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders in China and the EU.

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During the workshops, a constructive dialogue took place, covering the three topics, stimulated by external experts from different backgrounds, including European and Chinese official Institutions, Academics, Civil Society, the Corporate Sector and Diplomatic Missions. The overall programme included visits to relevant Institutions and organisations, as well as social activities among the participants. Although policies and developments in China and the EU were highlighted and some activities took place within the entire group, the activities mainly took place in smaller groups, divided according to the topics of the discussions. The main objective of the dialogue was to provide useful insights and recommendations, together with potential action plans from the perspective of young stakeholders in Europe and China.

The specific aim was to identify existing challenges in both China and the European Union, with regard to Urbanisation (Urbanisation policies, infrastructure, sustainable development in urban areas, rural development, etc.); Social issues, such as (Youth) Employment, the ageing society, social security and other social policies; and EU-China relations and cooperation in a broader perspective. Furthermore, the exchange of good practices and the highlighting of specific fields for potential cooperation was prioritised. The final outcome resulted in an Action Plan for EU-China Cooperation from the viewpoint of young people in society and provided policy-recommendations on the basis of these priorities.


The EU-China Youth Policy Dialogue on Urbanisation, Social Policies and EU-China Relations was open to participants aged between 18 and 35, who are either Chinese or EU Citizens, with a specific interest in EU-China Cooperation. In order to ensure a constructive dialogue, all communication took place in English. All participants were selected by a Selection Committee on the basis of a paper, written in English, on one of the three themes put forward in this dialogue: Urbanisation, Social Policies (including (Youth) Employment, Social Security, the ageing society, etc), and EU-China Relations.